Fivem Cocaine Hideout Boat | FiveM Drugs Locations

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Embark on a thrilling Fivem Cocaine Hideout Boat mission, featuring intense security, hidden paths, and traps. Engage in a dynamic story and environment.

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Fivem Cocaine Hideout Boat
Fivem Cocaine Hideout Boat | FiveM Drugs Locations
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$10.00Current price is: $10.00.

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of illicit activities with our FiveM Cocaine Hideout Boat. This meticulously designed MLO sets the stage for an immersive drug lab experience. Spread across the lab are extensive tables laden with high-quality cocaine, symbolizing the core of this illicit enterprise.

Fivem Cocaine Hideout Boat Key Features:

Unmatched Security Measures: A Fortress on Water

  • Patrolling Guards: Navigate through a security minefield with vigilant guards, ensuring a challenging gameplay.
  • Advanced Surveillance: Encounter state-of-the-art security devices, including surveillance cameras, adding a layer of complexity to your mission.

Mysterious Entrances and Exits: The Path Less Traveled

  • Multiple Access Points: Explore various entry and exit strategies, each offering a unique approach to this clandestine operation.
  • Hidden Passages: Discover secret doors that could be your key to a successful mission or a hasty retreat.

Navigate Through Hazards and Obstacles

  • Booby Traps and Alarms: Stay alert for unexpected dangers that could jeopardize your mission.
  • Challenging Obstacles: Tackle locked doors and navigate blocked pathways, testing your problem-solving skills.

Rich Lore and Storytelling: Unravel the Hidden Truth

  • Intriguing Backstory: Delve into the compelling history of the drug trade and uncover the secrets behind this covert location.
  • Revealing Clues: Stumble upon documents that offer insights into the nefarious activities, adding layers to your gameplay.

Interactive Environment with Dire Consequences

  • Engaging Interactions: Make critical decisions – to destroy, steal, or leave the drugs untouched.
  • Realistic Consequences: Face the repercussions of your actions, from alerted law enforcement to aggravated rival gangs.


Step into the world of the FiveM Cocaine Hideout Boat, where every decision has a consequence, and every corner holds a story. Perfect for players seeking a thrilling blend of strategy, action, and narrative depth in their FiveM experience. Join us now and dominate the high seas of the drug trade!


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