FiveM Bucko Hidden Location | Fivem Secret Locations

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Discover the FiveM Bucko Hidden Location: a thrilling, secret MLO with weed farms, covert meeting rooms, and a cocaine den for an immersive experience.

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FiveM Bucko Hidden Location
FiveM Bucko Hidden Location | Fivem Secret Locations
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$8.00Current price is: $8.00.


Immerse yourself in the clandestine world of the FiveM Bucko Hidden Location, a meticulously crafted MLO designed for FiveM servers. With an array of secret rooms, each brimming with illicit activities, this location promises to be a cornerstone for thrilling gameplay. Uncover the layers of this hidden gem, tucked away in the urban maze of FiveM’s dynamic world.

FiveM Bucko Hidden Location Key Features:

  • Enigmatic Entrance:
  • Experience the thrill of the unknown as you navigate the nondescript entrance. Feel the rush of anticipation as you step into a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. 
  • The Weed Table: A Smoker’s Haven:
  • Discover a room veiled in dim light, filled with the aromatic essence of fresh cannabis. The center stage is held by a large table adorned with the finest quality weed, scales, and rolling papers, making it a perfect spot for in-game weed processing activities. 
  • Lush In-House Weed Farm:
  • Behind a secret doorway lies a vibrant weed farm. Rows of flourishing plants under specialized lamps depict a professional setup, ideal for FiveM weed farming adventures. 
  • Covert Meeting Room:
  • Step into a sparsely furnished room with a large table and a mysterious, annotated map. It’s a place that screams strategy and secrecy, perfect for planning your next move in FiveM’s drug locations map. 
  • The Cocaine Den: Financial Powerhouse:
  • Unveil a room drenched in blue light, housing mountains of cocaine and stacks of cash. This room is the epicenter of financial dealings in the drug lab MLO FiveM world. 


The FiveM Bucko Hidden Location is not just another MLO; it’s a gateway to uncharted territories in the FiveM universe. It’s a place where secrecy, strategy, and illicit activities blend to create an immersive experience. Perfect for players and servers who thrive on the thrill of the underground world. Don’t miss out on adding this unique hideout MLO to your FiveM server.


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