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Welcome to our unique selection of FiveM Ymaps, designed to add intricate details and practical enhancements to your FiveM map. These Ymaps are small yet impactful, fixing existing elements or adding new dimensions to the map. Furthermore, they can be easily streamed from your resources folder and can be grouped or separated as needed, each with its fxmanifest.lua file.

Key Features of Our FiveM Ymaps

  • Alta Construction Ymap: Adds a construction scene around the Alta Street carpark, thereby blocking various entrances and adding realism to the urban environment.
  • PDM Construction Ymap: Wraps a construction scene around the default PDM location, which is compatible with various mods, perfect for modifying in-game dynamics.
  • FBI Roof Atrium Ymap: Enhances the FIB building with glass panels and a helipad, consequently offering new dimensions to this iconic location.
  • Meth Ymap: Features subtle edits like CCTV and barrels for an original qb-core meth location, ideally suited for diversifying cityscapes.
  • Prison Edit Ymap: Adds gym equipment and extra fences to the prison area, significantly enhancing realism and gameplay boundaries.
  • Sandy Helipad Ymap: Introduces a helipad near Sandy medical, thus expanding the roleplay possibilities in medical scenarios.
  • Ex Int Warehouse Small Ytyp: Incorporates toxic waste/weapons type props to a small warehouse, adding a new layer to hidden locations.

Why Choose Our Ymaps?

  • Detailed and Practical: Each Ymap is crafted with attention to detail, offering both aesthetic and functional enhancements to your FiveM world. Additionally, the practicality of these maps cannot be overstated.
  • Easy Integration: Streamlined for easy integration, these Ymaps can transform your gaming environment with minimal effort. Moreover, their user-friendly nature makes them a great choice.
  • Continuously Updated: We regularly update our Ymaps, ensuring they stay relevant and add value to your FiveM experience. This ongoing support highlights our commitment to quality.

Start Transforming Your FiveM Map Today

Elevate your FiveM experience with our Ymaps. Simple to install and offering a range of enhancements, they’re a perfect addition to any FiveM server. In addition, our team is always here to assist with support or guidance.

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Showing 1–12 of 1351 results