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Explore the FiveM Cluckin Bell Secret Lab, a covert MLO near Vinewood. Unveil a hidden underworld of crime with money laundering, drugs, and arms.

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Welcome to the FiveM Cluckin Bell Secret Lab. Hidden beneath a Cluckin Bell in Vinewood, this MLO blends the ordinary with secrets. It offers an immersive experience for FiveM enthusiasts.

Key Features:

1. Deceptive Entrance

  • Appearance: Looks like any Cluckin Bell, hiding its true purpose.
  • Interior: Inside, a dining area and kitchen mimic a normal restaurant.

2. Secret Underground Access

  • Hidden Door: A secret passage leads to the lab. It opens up to various illegal activities below.

3. Underground Chambers

  • Money Room: Cash and a counterfeiting machine suggest money laundering.
  • Lab Room: Cocaine on tables and weapons indicate drug and arms dealings.
  • Weed Room: A large weed farm and packaged products show extensive cultivation.

Additional Insights

  • Strategic Location: Near Vinewood, perfect for central criminal operations.
  • Multi-Faceted Operations: Combines counterfeiting, drugs, weapons, and farming. It shows the lab’s diverse illegal activities.


This MLO is unique and thrilling. Its disguise and illegal operations showcase FiveM’s creativity. Ideal for role-playing or exploring, it adds excitement to the game. Visit it near Vinewood and uncover its secrets.


FiveM Illegal




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