FiveM Prison MLO | FiveM Jail MLO

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Immersive FiveM Prison MLO for intense roleplay.  Explore high-security zones, inmate areas, and more in this realistic jail for FiveM.

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Immerse yourself in the world of correctional roleplay with this expertly crafted FiveM Prison MLO.  Experience the tension and realism of a meticulously designed prison environment, perfect for FiveM law enforcement and roleplaying communities.

Key Features:

  • Robust security entrance: Control the flow of visitors and inmates.
  • Administrative block: Manage operations with interrogation rooms and a visitor area.
  • High-security cell blocks: Realistic, multi-level design with surveillance.
  • Dedicated medical wing: Provide essential healthcare services on-site.

Why Choose Our MLO?

This  FiveM Jail MLO offers unparalleled depth and functionality for immersive FiveM roleplay. Players will experience the intricacies of prison life, from intake procedures to the challenges of daily operations. Enhance your roleplay and explore new storylines within this meticulously designed environment.

  • Variety of roleplay options: Correctional officers, medical staff, inmates, and more.
  • Uncompromising realism: Design prioritizes authenticity and attention to detail.


Elevate your FiveM roleplay with the ultimate prison experience. This FiveM Prison MLO / FiveM Jail MLO delivers security, functionality, and realism. Its dynamic spaces are sure to inspire engaging storylines and profound roleplay.


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FiveM Jail MLO

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