FiveM Prison MLO | FiveM Prison Map

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Explore the ultimate FiveM Prison MLO and Map, a high-security, realistic prison environment for immersive roleplay in FiveM. 


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FiveM Prison MLO
FiveM Prison MLO | FiveM Prison Map
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$8.00Current price is: $8.00.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate roleplay experience with our FiveM Prison MLO and Map. Crafted for depth and authenticity, this detailed high-security environment is the perfect setting for those seeking a rich and engaging FiveM gameplay. From the tension of escape plans to the camaraderie in recreational activities, every aspect of our design enhances your gaming experience.

Key Features of FiveM Prison MLO

Our FiveM Prison MLO stands out for its unparalleled realism, offering features such as:

  • Realistic High-Security Details: Step into a world where barbed wire, watchtowers, and vigilant guards create a compelling prison atmosphere. Moreover, these elements are not just for show; they play a crucial role in gameplay dynamics.
  • Engaging Recreational Facilities: Furthermore, we’ve included football and basketball courts to enrich the inmates’ life, allowing for a diverse range of activities and interactions within the FiveM jail map.
  • Designated Spectator Areas: Additionally, spectator zones are thoughtfully placed to enhance roleplay scenarios during sports events, adding another layer of immersion.
  • Expansive, Interactive Layout: Lastly, the prison map boasts a variety of indoor and outdoor areas, meticulously designed for immersive and versatile roleplay scenarios.

Why Choose Our FiveM Prison Map

Choosing our FiveM Prison Map means opting for an experience that prioritizes authenticity and flexibility. Specifically crafted to be the ultimate roleplay backdrop, it features:

  • Authentic Atmosphere: Firstly, the map provides a true-to-life prison setting, heightening the realism of your roleplay.
  • A Spectrum of Roleplay Scenarios: Secondly, it’s perfectly suited for a wide array of scenarios, from the monotony of daily prison life to the excitement of planning and executing dramatic escapes.


In conclusion, our FiveM Prison MLO and Map offer more than just a backdrop for your roleplay adventures. Designed with a keen eye for detail, they deliver a rich, interactive setting that brings the unique dynamics of prison life to the forefront of your FiveM experience. As you step into this world, every corner and interaction opens up new narrative possibilities, making each session an unforgettable adventure.

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