FiveM Stash House MLO | FiveM Illegal House

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Explore the FiveM Stash House MLO: your secret hub for illegal operations, equipped with advanced features for a life on the edge.

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Dive into the ultimate underworld adventure with the FiveM Stash House MLO | FiveM Illegal House. This meticulously designed MLO is perfect for gamers seeking a thrilling life on the edge within the FiveM universe. It serves as a secret base for criminal activities, offering advanced features and a layout that promotes secrecy and efficiency.

Key Features of the FiveM Stash House MLO

The Stash House MLO is equipped with unique features for the ultimate in illicit operations:

  • Weapon Modification Table: Enhance your weapons to suit any mission.
  • Gun Storage Solutions: Includes a gun crate and two gun lockers for a comprehensive firearm arsenal.
  • Transport Options: Boxes and duffle bags provide smooth transport for illegal goods.
  • Financial Management: A desk equipped with cash and a money counter helps organize your profits.
  • Surveillance Tech: A computer and security cameras keep you one step ahead of law enforcement.
  • Money Mobility: Four money carts allow for discreet and efficient valuables transport.

Detailed Layout for Operational Excellence

  • Entrance: A discreet entryway ensures the secrecy and security of your operations.
  • Storage Room: Spacious and designed to store contraband, with an intentionally dirty look to avoid suspicion.

Strategic Advantage

The FiveM Stash House MLO is more than just a property; it’s a strategic asset. It’s ideal for:

  • Planning heists
  • Managing a criminal empire
  • Crafting and storing weapons

This MLO supports various illegal activities, ensuring your operations stay hidden.



FiveM Illegal House



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