FiveM Super Meth Lab | FiveM Drug lab MLO

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Explore the secretive FiveM Super Meth Lab MLO, an intricate, underground drug lab in East Los Santos, perfect for immersive criminal gameplay.

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FiveM Super Meth Lab MLO: A Gateway to the Underworld of Illicit Drug Production


Welcome to the world of the FiveM Super Meth Lab and FiveM Drug Lab MLO, where the sinister side of illicit drug production comes to life. Located in the discreet outskirts of East Los Santos, this MLO offers a unique experience, blending danger and secrecy. Ideal for servers seeking to deepen their criminal role-play, this MLO is a fusion of peril and excitement.

Key Features of the FiveM Super Meth Lab:

  1. Unique Layout:
    • Above Ground: Discover large tanks and a network of high current wires, revealing the lab’s intense operations.
    • Below Ground: Explore a hidden bunker, the core of the meth lab, and a vital storage room.
  2. Thrilling Criminal Activities:
    • Engage in the production and testing of super meth.
    • Delve into the darker aspects of drug experimentation.
  3. Exquisite Detailing:
    • Exterior Marvels: Hidden near East Los Santos, the lab’s colossal tanks and scattered boxes subtly hint at its purpose. The electrical hum around it is unmistakable.
    • Interior Intricacies: A chaotic fusion of science and illegality, featuring tanks connected by a complex pipe network and a clandestine bunker leading to the underground super lab.
  4. The Underground World:
    • Electric Labyrinth: The bunker’s electrified ambiance intensifies the experience.
    • Super Lab: Equipped with state-of-the-art meth production facilities.
    • Testing Ground: Dedicated area for assessing drug potency.
    • Chemical Playground: A diverse array of machinery for drug production.
    • Storage Room: A secure vault for storing the final product.
  5. Additional Considerations:
    • Security Measures: Advanced security systems to protect this illicit operation.
    • Waste Disposal: A grim reminder of the lab’s environmental impact.
    • Human Cost: The untold toll on lives and society due to the lab’s operations.


The FiveM Super Meth Lab MLO is not just a mere location; it’s an enthralling gateway into the depths of an illegal drug empire. Its intricate design and engaging activities make it an indispensable addition for any FiveM server focusing on a criminal underworld theme. Seize this chance to elevate your FiveM gameplay to an unprecedented level of immersion and excitement.



FiveM Drug lab MLO




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