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Explore the FiveM Tobacco Shop MLO, a detailed and interactive shop near Power Street, featuring realistic interiors, efficient systems, and office.

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Step into the world of FiveM with the dynamic Tobacco Shop MLO, a creation that brings unparalleled realism to your gaming experience. Located near Power Street, this shop enhances the FiveM landscape with its interactive design, making it perfect for players who want to add depth to their cityscape or start a new business venture in-game. The Tobacco Shop MLO is a must-have for enriching your virtual environment.

FiveM Tobacco Shop MLO Key Features:

Exterior Excellence:

  1. Prime Location: The shop’s strategic placement near Power Street ensures easy access and high visibility.
  2. Iconic Branding: The Redwood logo prominently displayed at the entrance immediately catches the eye, offering brand authenticity.
  3. Interactive Help Desk: Players will find a well-equipped help desk, showcasing Redwood tobacco packets for a realistic touch.
  4. Realistic Additions: A classic red post box near the entrance enhances the realism, inviting player interaction.
  5. Welcoming Entrance: A coffee machine and a decorative tree near the entrance create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Interior Intricacies:

  1. Tech-Savvy Entrance: The entrance features a laptop and a secure vault, seamlessly combining technology and security.
  2. Advanced Payment System: The modern payment register system at the help desk offers streamlined transactions.
  3. Focused Tobacco Wall: A wall dedicated to the tobacco logo accentuates the shop’s theme.
  4. Ample Storage Room: The storage room, filled with boxes, showcases a well-stocked inventory.

Upstairs Unveiled:

  1. Practical Administrative Office: Upstairs houses a well-equipped office, including a cabinet for files, essential for administrative tasks.
  2. Optimized Workspace: A computer setup on a desk is perfectly placed for managing shop operations.

Enhanced Experience:

  1. Adjustable Ambiance: Players can choose from a variety of settings, from a mysterious, dimly lit environment to a bright and welcoming one.
  2. Decorative Theme: The interior is adorned with thematic posters and shelves of tobacco products, further enriching the Tobacco Shop theme.


The FiveM Tobacco Shop MLO offers a unique blend of detailed design and functional features, making it an indispensable addition to any FiveM server. It provides a realistic, engaging environment that elevates the virtual cityscape. Don’t miss the opportunity to integrate this exceptional MLO into your FiveM world and enhance your gameplay.



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