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Explore our FiveM Walmart & Mall MLOs for an unmatched virtual shopping experience. Dive into diverse sections, detailed interiors, and more!

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate FiveM shopping experience with our expertly crafted FiveM Walmart MLO and FiveM Mall MLO. Designed for immersive gameplay, these MLOs offer a vibrant and authentic shopping experience. Discover everything from fresh produce to everyday needs.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Supermarket Layout: Enjoy a realistic setting with varied sections for a full shopping journey.
  • High-Quality Interiors: Engage with authentic shelving, displays, and signage for a real-life feel.
  • Fresh Organic Vegetables: Explore a wide selection of fresh, organic produce.
  • Bakery and Dairy: Savor pastries, bread, and top-quality dairy in well-stocked sections.

Why Our FiveM Walmart MLO Stands Out

Our MLOs transform your virtual world into an unmatched shopping experience. They come with a detailed pharmacy and a diverse meat & poultry selection, enriching your roleplay.

  • Pharmacy Access: Find all essential healthcare items in our well-equipped pharmacy.
  • Meat & Poultry Variety: Enjoy a wide range of premium meats for culinary adventures.


Elevate your FiveM gameplay with our Walmart and Mall MLOs. Crafted for realism and interaction, they deliver all you need for an engaging roleplay. Experience a new benchmark in virtual shopping environments.

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