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Explore the FiveM Youtool Store MLO, A comprehensive in-game store with diverse sections for every player’s needs and many more features.

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FiveM Youtool Store MLO
FiveM Youtool Store MLO | FiveM Store
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$8.00Current price is: $8.00.

Introducing the FiveM Youtool Store MLO: A Versatile Hub for All Your In-Game Needs

Welcome to the FiveM Youtool Store MLO, a comprehensive and detailed addition to your FiveM server. This MLO (Map Location Object) brings a vibrant and fully-functional store environment to your virtual world. Here’s why the FiveM Youtool Store is an essential addition for players and server owners alike:

Shop Essentials: Where Convenience Meets Technology

  • Billing Counter: Equipped with multiple computers for efficient digital receipts and Ruthless Digital transactions.
  • Inventory and Organization: Featuring a Xerox machine and a file cabinet for optimal organization.

Automotive Section: For the Car Enthusiast

  • Vehicle Maintenance Gear: Includes racks for vehicle number plates, oil bottles, and buckets for cleaning.

Grocery and Shopping Convenience: Enhance Your Shopping Experience

  • Shopping Carts: Designed for easy browsing and convenient purchasing.
  • Multipurpose Bins: Ideal for waste disposal and miscellaneous uses.

Gardening and Landscaping Tools: For the Green Thumbs

  • Gardening Essentials: Complete with shovels, an axe, spade, toolkit, fertilizer, and grass cutting tools.
  • Heavy Machinery: A manual lifter for handling heavy materials.

Construction and Industrial Supplies: Building Made Easy

  • Building Materials: Stocks plywood sheets, cement bags, and more for various construction needs.
  • Tools and Equipment: Includes a mechanic stool box, drilling machine, and essential safety tools.

Home Improvement and Comfort: Transform Your Space

  • Home Appliances: A selection of appliances to meet diverse home needs.
  • Home Improvement Tools: Features a wall drilling machine and a comprehensive home tool kit.
  • Leisure and Relaxation: Offers pool chairs for outdoor enjoyment.

Utility and Infrastructure: Supporting Industrial Development

  • Industrial Essentials: Comes with cable bundles and other infrastructure necessities.
  • Outdoor Comfort and Entertainment: Includes gas barbeque, various chairs, a large umbrella, and a mini barbeque.

Employee Facilities: Prioritizing Comfort and Efficiency

  • Restroom and Changing Room: Designed for employee comfort and convenience.
  • Store Back Office: Furnished with multiple desks, a task board, and a conference table.

Safety and Security: Ensuring a Secure Environment

  • Fire Safety Tools: Equipped with extinguishers, fire blankets, and more.
  • Fire Alarms: Installed throughout the store for early detection and safety.



The FiveM Youtool Store MLO offers an immersive and practical environment for players, enhancing the in-game experience with its diverse sections and detailed features. Whether it’s for leisure, shopping, gardening, or industrial needs, this MLO caters to a wide array of activities within the FiveM universe.


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