Hi-Men Bar Mlo FiveM | Weed Farm FiveM

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Dive into FiveM with Hi-Men Bar Mlo and Weed Farm Mlo, offering a vibrant bar and secret weed farm for an unmatched experience.

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Hi-Men Bar Mlo FiveM
Hi-Men Bar Mlo FiveM | Weed Farm FiveM
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$10.00Current price is: $10.00.

Explore the Exciting World of Hi-Men Bar Mlo FiveM | Weed Farm FiveM

Dive into FiveM’s immersive gameplay with the unique Hi-Men Bar Mlo FiveM | Weed Farm FiveM. This detailed MLO combines the vibrant nightlife with secret farming activities for unmatched adventures. Perfect for players aiming to operate a lively bar or a hidden weed farm, it offers an authentic, captivating FiveM experience.

Key Features:

  • Bar Garage: A secure area for parking and storage, crucial for efficient bar operations and deliveries.
  • Bar Area Highlights:
    • Varied Seating: Comfortable chairs and sofas with tables for guests to unwind and socialize.
    • Well-Stocked Bar: A counter filled with beer bottles, serving a lively crowd.
    • Essential Amenities: Features like a RO water machine and bathroom cater to all guest needs.
    • Additional Exit Door: Enhances accessibility and safety with an extra exit point.

Underground Revelations:

  • Storage Solutions: Spacious storage for beer bottles and essentials, keeping the bar stocked at all times.
  • Weed Farm Insights:
    • Cultivation Area: Dedicated space with fans and lights for optimal weed plant growth and health.
    • Lab for Processing:
      • Preparation Tables: Designed for detailed weed processing and preparation.
      • Packaging Supplies: Ready-to-use weed packets and boxes for distribution.
      • Versatile Buckets: Essential for lab operations, suitable for mixing to storage.

Embark on a Unique FiveM Adventure

The Hi-Men Bar Mlo FiveM and Weed Farm FiveM invites you to enjoy managing a dynamic bar alongside a secretive weed farm. It not only elevates the gaming environment with realistic features but also opens up endless gameplay and community interaction opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to the bar’s social vibe or the intrigue of the weed farm, this MLO offers a rich, varied experience for all players.


Weed Farm FiveM



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