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Discover the Horror School MLO in FiveM Ghost: An eerie, abandoned school featuring gothic architecture and spooky ambiance, ideal for ghost hunting.

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Dive into the spine-chilling world of Horror School MLO, a unique FiveM Ghost map that promises an immersive and hair-raising experience. Designed for the daring at heart, this MLO takes you to an abandoned, eerie school setting that’s perfect for themed role-play in FiveM Ghost.

Horror School MLO Key Features:

  • Abandoned and Dilapidated Aesthetic:
      • Cracked walls and peeling paint create a haunting atmosphere.
      • Broken windows and overgrown vines add to the sense of abandonment.
      • Each detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the eerie feel.
  • Eerie and Atmospheric Lighting:
      • Flickering fluorescent lights set a spooky mood.
      • Ominous shadows cast throughout the space, adding to the suspense.
  • Intricately Designed Spaces:
      • Multiple floors with varied locations such as classrooms, libraries, and gymnasiums.
      • Each area offers its own unique atmosphere and potential for scars.
      • Discover hidden basements with secrets lurking in the shadows.
  • Gothic Architectural Elements:
      • Looming towers and gargoyles provide a classic horror setting.
      • Stained glass windows that glow eerily under the moonlight.
  • Overgrown Outdoor Areas:
      • Crumbling statues and overgrown foliage evoke a sense of neglect.
      • Mysterious playground with rusted swings and broken slides.
  • Haunting and Immersive Gameplay:
    • Explore dark hallways and flickering torch-lit corridors.
    • Perfect for FiveM Ghost role-play and Halloween-themed events.

The Horror School MLO is more than just a map; it’s an adventure into the heart of darkness. Whether you’re a fan of horror, supernatural themes, or looking for a unique setting for your next FiveM Ghost session, this MLO is an unmissable addition. Brace yourself for an experience where every turn could be your last in this hauntingly beautiful, dilapidated school.

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