Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO | FiveM Grove Street MLO

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Discover Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO in FiveM, iconic branding, gritty aesthetic, high security, hidden stash, mechanic workshop and Shop.

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Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO
Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO | FiveM Grove Street MLO
$20.00 Original price was: $20.00.$5.00Current price is: $5.00.

Immerse yourself in the riveting world of FiveM with the Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO, a one-of-a-kind FiveM Grove Street MLO experience. This gas station, inspired by the infamous Ballas gang, showcases a unique blend of urban culture and practical design. From its distinctive purple and yellow colors to the iconic Ballas skull logo, every aspect of this MLO tells a story of power and presence in the FiveM universe.

Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO Key Features:

  • Distinctive Ballas Branding
      • Bold Colors: Striking purple and yellow hues representing the Ballas gang.
      • Graffiti Art: Unique tags that embody the spirit of the streets.
      • Iconic Skull Logo: Prominently featured on pumps and the building, marking the territory.
  • Gritty Aesthetic
      • Weathered Look: Paint that shows the passage of time and urban decay.
      • Rusted Pumps: Symbolizing the rugged nature of Grove Street.
      • Overflowing Trash Cans: Adding to the realistic, lived-in feel of the station.
  • Enhanced Security Measures
      • Floodlights and Barbed Wire: For optimal security and deterrence.
      • Security Cameras: Strategically placed for monitoring and safety.
  • Secrets of the Ballas
    • Hidden Stash: A covert compartment for members, adding intrigue and exclusivity.


The Ballas Customs Gas Station MLO is not just a location but an experience in the FiveM Grove Street MLO. Whether it’s the authentic urban aesthetics, the top-notch security, or the secret stash for gang members, this MLO brings a slice of the Ballas life into the virtual world. It’s a must-have for players seeking an authentic, detailed, and immersive experience in the FiveM universe.



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