Crips Gang Motel | FiveM Motel MLO

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Dive into the world of FiveM with the Crips Gang Motel MLO, offering a unique setting near Vagos base for thrilling scenarios.

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Crips Gang Motel
Crips Gang Motel | FiveM Motel MLO
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$5.00Current price is: $5.00.

Dive into the heart of South Los Santos with the iconic Crips Gang Motel. Designed for the ultimate roleplay experience, this FiveM Motel MLO is strategically positioned near the volatile territories of the Vagos base and the Compton area, offering an unmatched setting for narrative depth and gang-related storylines. It serves as the perfect backdrop for delving into conflicts, alliances, and rivalries.

FiveM Motel MLO Location Highlights:

  • Proximity to South Los Santos: Ideal for gang-related RP scenarios.
  • Adjacent to Vagos Base and Compton Area: Enhances the narrative with intertwined stories and conflicts.

Exterior Features:

The motel mirrors classic architecture, standing as a beacon of intrigue. Its facade hides a world of underground activity, marking each arrival as the start of a new story.

Key Features of the Crips Gang Motel:

House Garage:

  • Air compressor machine for various uses.
  • Mechanical tools signal frantic activity.

Living Room:

  • Central poker table for high-stakes games.
  • Comfortable sofa faces an old TV, blending relaxation with tension.


  • Simple dining table for strategizing or casual chats.

Drug Room:

  • Tables laden with illicit substances hint at the motel’s darker dealings.
  • Entertainment options like a pool table and poker table.


  • Basic amenities like a washing machine and toilet.

Back Patio:

  • Chaotic arrangement of furniture and scattered beer bottles and money.

Experience Authenticity:

The Crips Gang Motel is more than a place to stay; it’s a deep dive into gang life within the FiveM universe. Detailed environments from a tool-filled garage to a secretive drug room create a compelling backdrop. The inclusion of social spaces alongside secretive areas ensures that every corner of the motel is ripe for exploration and interaction, immersing players in an authentic experience.



FiveM Motel MLO



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