FiveM Gang MLO | FiveM Illegal

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Explore the FiveM Gang MLO near South Los Santos – a perfect hideout with a living room, discussion area, weed farm and many more features.

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FiveM Gang MLO
FiveM Gang MLO | FiveM Illegal
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$8.00Current price is: $8.00.

Embark on an Immersive Experience with the Ultimate Hideout for Gang Operations

Discover the FiveM Gang MLO | FiveM Illegal, a meticulously crafted environment designed for FiveM servers. Located near the vibrant South Los Santos, this MLO (Map Location Object) serves as an essential hub for gang activities, offering a mix of secrecy and functionality.

Key Features:

  • First Floor Ambiance: As you step into the living room, it blends comfort with criminal operations. The space features:
    • A sofa and TV setup, perfect for planning and downtime. Additionally, an array of scattered chemicals, buckets, and boxes hint at illicit activities.
  • Strategic Discussion Room: Equipped with chairs and tables, it’s ideal for gang meetings and strategy sessions. Moreover, an empty cabinet and private locker offer secure storage options. Also, ample food packages ensure sustenance during long operations.
  • Highly Functional Weed Farm Room: This room is a highlight of the MLO, including:
    • Abundant weed plants, signifying a major source of income. Similarly, fans for climate control maintain optimal growing conditions. Lastly, an adjacent table is laden with loose weed and multiple packets, ready for distribution.

Detailed Descriptions:

  • Exterior Appeal: The building, reminiscent of [describe building style], stands out with its [distinguishing features like graffiti, security cameras]. Furthermore, vehicles parked outside hint at the gang’s presence and activities.
  • Living Room Details: The sofa, [describe condition and material], faces a [type of TV], creating a relaxed yet alert atmosphere. In addition, the room is dotted with specific chemicals in various containers, alongside other details like newspapers and gang symbols.
  • Discussion Room Nuances: Furnished with [describe chairs and tables], the room also houses items in the empty cabinet like [documents, weapons, drugs]. Equally important, the private locker, [describe type], adds a layer of security.
  • Weed Farm Room Insights: Home to [type of weed plants] at different growth stages, the room is equipped with [specific types of fans] and other essential equipment like watering cans and fertilizer bags.
  • Table with Weed Specifics: The cluttered [describe table] holds a quantity of loose weed in [bags, jars], featuring specific strains or types.


FiveM Illegal



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