FiveM Illegal Hospital MLO | FiveM Hospital MLO

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Explore the FiveM Illegal Hospital MLO: A secretive, illicit medical facility in the Tataviam Mountains, offering a unique, dark gaming experience.

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FiveM Illegal Hospital MLO
FiveM Illegal Hospital MLO | FiveM Hospital MLO
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$8.00Current price is: $8.00.

Introduction Step into the dark and mysterious world of the FiveM Illegal Hospital MLO. Hidden in the Tataviam Mountains, this map brings a thrilling edge to your FiveM gameplay. It combines danger with intrigue in an unforgettable experience.

FiveM Illegal Hospital MLO Key Features:

  1. Strategic Location: Tucked away in the Tataviam Mountains, this hospital is a haven for secret activities. It’s far from the watchful eyes of the law.
  2. Foreboding Exterior: The Vinewood red exterior is more than eye-catching. It symbolizes danger and stealth, blending perfectly with certain landscapes.
  3. Sterile and Chilling Interior: Inside, a sterile, cold atmosphere prevails. It highlights the unlawful medical practices happening within.

Detailed Exploration

  • Hospital Storage Rooms:
    • Overflowing with Illegal Goods: Packed with medical supplies and equipment, all of dubious origins.
    • Glimpse into the Underworld: The assortment in these rooms reveals the depth of the hospital’s illegal activities.
  • Post Mortem Room:
    • Chilling Human Organ Boxes: A grim reminder of the illegal organ trade.
    • Diverse Pill Assortment: Shows the wide reach of the hospital’s operations.
    • Surgery Tables and Grim Consequences: Indicative of unauthorized surgeries and their severe outcomes.
    • Mysterious Chairs: Hinting at uses beyond autopsies.
  • Torture Room:
    • Bare and Brutal: A room reduced to the bare essentials for inflicting pain and extracting secrets.

Conclusion This MLO is more than a map – it’s an exploration into a morally grey area. It blurs the lines between right and wrong, inviting players to delve into the extremes of human behavior.


FiveM Hospital MLO



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