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Explore the FiveM Laundry MLO, a unique blend of everyday life and secret money wash operations in the heart of FiveM’s world.

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Step into the FiveM world with the unique FiveM Laundry MLO. This modification is not just about laundry. It cleverly disguises a thrilling money-washing operation. Discover the perfect blend of everyday life and undercover activities in this exciting addition to the FiveM universe.

FiveM Laundry MLO Key Features:

  • Strategic Location: Located in South Los Santos, the Laundromat fits perfectly in a working-class area. It enhances the realism of your gameplay.
  • Engaging Exterior: Its glass door offers a glimpse into the vibrant life inside. It attracts both players and virtual passersby.
  • Spacious Interior: The large, open space inside encourages diverse player interactions, from friendly talks to suspenseful encounters.
  • Authentic Equipment: Heavy-duty laundry machines add a realistic touch. They serve as both visual features and key elements of the MLO.
  • Hidden Operations: Uncover secret money-wash machines cleverly hidden in this ordinary Laundromat.
  • Cozy Office Space: An office with a computer, calculator, and a relaxing hookah setup suggests secret dealings.
  • Safety Measures: A medical kit adds intrigue. Is it for first aid or something more covert?
  • Multiple Escape Routes: Two exits provide strategic escape paths, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay.


The FiveM Laundry MLO is more than a map; it’s a foundation for countless narratives and adventures. Engage in money laundering, unravel mysteries, or simply handle daily laundry tasks. This MLO promises a deeply immersive experience. Step behind the glass door of this ordinary Laundromat and explore the hidden depths of the FiveM universe!



FiveM Money Wash Locations



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