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Explore the Secret Weed Farm MLO in FiveM, a hidden gem near Sea Port with an underground farm, tech hub, and strategic planning center.

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Discover the Hidden Gem of FiveM: The Secret Weed Farm MLO Near Sea Port


Dive into the secretive side of FiveM with This MLO. Tucked away near the Sea Port, this unique MLO is an intriguing hideout for players seeking an exclusive underground experience.

Key Features:

1. Strategic Location

  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Located near the Sea Port, the farm is ingeniously concealed inside a shipping container.
  • Perfect for Clandestine Activities: Its industrial setting ensures discreet operations.

2. Mysterious Entrance

  • Gateway to the Underground: Discover a secret world as you open the container door.

Explore the Vibrant Underground Farm

1. Weed Cultivation Area

  • Green Haven: Immerse yourself in a space filled with lush weed plants.
  • Centerpiece: Notice the large weed packet, signifying the farm’s vast operations.

2. Organized Chaos

  • Essential Supplies: Spot boxes and buckets, likely containing crucial farming tools.

The Basement: More Than Meets the Eye

1. Tech and Relaxation Hub

  • Work and Play: Equipped with a computer, TV, and coffee machine for diverse needs.
  • Social Spot: A place to relax and connect with fellow players.

2. Strategic Planning Center

  • Operational Core: Maps and overflowing cabinets indicate meticulous planning.
  • Secret Entertainment: Discover the unique “weed packet console” for leisure activities.


Embark on an unparalleled journey in FiveM with the Secret Weed Farm MLO. This hidden gem, rich in detail and thoughtful design, offers a captivating experience for those eager to explore FiveM’s underground world.


FiveM Hidden Location



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