LS Military MLO | fivem military base mlo

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Dive into a multi level facility with a fully functional hospital and armory in the LS Military MLO FiveM. Enjoy realistic design and optimized performance.

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L.S Military MLO
LS Military MLO | fivem military base mlo
$20.00 Original price was: $20.00.$5.00Current price is: $5.00.


Dive into the realm of military precision and strategic gameplay with the L.S Military MLO | FiveM Military Base MLO. Designed for FiveM servers, this multi-level, expansive military base MLO offers an unparalleled environment for immersive roleplay experiences.

LS Military MLO Key Features:

  1. Training Grounds & Simulators:
    • Engage in realistic training with dedicated areas for exercises and simulations.
    • Perfect for preparing for in-game missions with enhanced realism.
  2. Secure Access Points:
    • Experience strategic gameplay with secure entry points and restricted areas.
    • Ideal for roleplay scenarios demanding controlled access and security protocols.
  3. Administrative Offices:
    • Navigate through an immersive administrative area, complete with offices and briefing rooms.
    • Adds depth to command structure and briefing-focused roleplay scenarios.
  4. Multi-Level Facility:
    • Explore a facility housing a state-of-the-art hospital and a well-equipped armory.
    • The hospital enhances medical roleplay scenarios, while the armory is stocked with gear and weapons for various missions.

Experience Military Realism in FiveM:
Unlock new dimensions of military roleplay within the FiveM universe through the meticulously crafted L.S Military MLO. This military base MLO, tailored for servers focusing on military roleplay, provides an authentic and engaging platform for players to embark on strategic missions, engage in complex training scenarios, and explore the intricacies of military life.

Ideal for Various Roleplay Scenarios:
Whether it’s a high-stakes mission, a detailed medical emergency, or a strategic planning session, the L.S Military MLO offers diverse settings for a range of roleplay experiences.

Optimized for FiveM Gameplay:
As a premium addition to your FiveM map collection, this MLO integrates seamlessly with the FiveM framework, ensuring stable performance and compatibility.

Expand Your FiveM Maps Collection:
The L.S Military MLO is a must-have for any server looking to enhance its map variety, especially for those focusing on military, hospital, or administrative roleplay scenarios.


Step into a world of military strategy and engaging roleplay with the L.S Military MLO | FiveM Military Base MLO. It’s not just a map; it’s an experience that transforms your FiveM gameplay. Add it to your server today and elevate your roleplay sessions to new heights of realism and excitement.

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