Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO | FiveM Hospital MLO

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Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO for FiveM is a fully equipped, modern facility featuring detailed interiors, an emergency room, operating room.

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Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO
Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO | FiveM Hospital MLO
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$10.00Current price is: $10.00.

Welcome to the Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO, a groundbreaking addition to the FiveM world. This meticulously designed virtual hospital offers an unparalleled experience in virtual healthcare simulation, setting a new standard in the fivem hospital sector.

Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO Key Features:

  • Detailed Interior:
      • Over 100 Custom Props: The hospital boasts an array of sections, each detailed with props that mirror real-life hospital environments.
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  • Reception Area:
      • Welcoming Space: Features a front desk, comfortable waiting area, and an information kiosk, making it the perfect first point of contact.
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  • Emergency Room:
      • Fully Equipped: Contains examination rooms, gurneys, and advanced medical equipment, ready for urgent care scenarios.
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  • Operating Room:
      • Surgical Excellence: Houses state-of-the-art surgical equipment and operating tables.
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  • Patient Rooms:
      • Designed for Comfort: Includes hospital beds, bedside tables, and medical monitors to ensure top-notch patient care.
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  • X-ray and CT Scan Rooms:
      • Advanced Medical Imaging: Dedicated spaces for X-ray and CT scans.
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  • Pharmacy and Cafeteria:
      • On-Site Pharmacy: Caters to medication and prescription needs.
      • Cafeteria: A relaxing space for dining, essential for staff and patients.
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  • Offices:
    • Professional Workspace: For doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, ensuring efficient healthcare delivery.


The Eclipse Medical Tower Hospital MLO sets a new benchmark in virtual healthcare facilities within the FiveM universe. It’s an essential addition for anyone seeking a realistic and immersive hospital experience in FiveM. Elevate your virtual healthcare journey with this exceptional MLO.



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