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Explore the FiveM Galileo Observatory MLO: A virtual space journey with detailed exhibits, serene gardens, and thematic rooms.

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Explore the Wonders of Space at the FiveM Galileo Observatory MLO!


Welcome to the FiveM Galileo Observatory MLO, a stunning and immersive map experience. Located in the picturesque Winewood Hills, this observatory offers a unique exploration of the cosmos within FiveM’s world.

Key Features:

  1. Exquisite Exterior:
    • A Grand Garden: Discover the large garden with a beautiful central monument. It’s the perfect starting point for your celestial journey.
    • Breathtaking Views: Enjoy scenic vistas from the observatory, located near MLO Winewood Hills. Ideal for capturing screenshots and hosting in-game events.
  2. Innovative Observatory Building:
    • Interactive Entrance: Begin your exploration at the entrance. It features a desk and computer for interactive experiences and information.
    • Space Showcase: Be amazed by detailed replicas of a space shuttle and Mars rover. Each comes with extensive information, fueling your curiosity.
  3. Diverse Exploration Rooms:
    • Mars Mission Room: View the Mars model and spacecraft. Informative panels offer education and inspiration.
    • Solar System Observation Room: Explore the artificial solar system model. Observation chairs provide a space for contemplation.
  4. Tranquil Terrace:
    • Relax and Reflect: The terrace upstairs offers a peaceful seating area. It’s perfect for enjoying the views and reflecting on your galactic journey.
  5. Unleash Your Imagination in FiveM:
    • Educational and Entertaining: Ideal for role-play communities, education, or space exploration within the FiveM universe.
    • High-Quality Design: The observatory is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a realistic and engaging experience.


The FiveM Galileo Observatory MLO is more than a map – it’s a portal to space adventure. Add this extraordinary location to your FiveM server. Let your players embark on an unforgettable journey of space exploration!


FiveM Map



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