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Explore the ultimate FiveM Legion Garage MLO,  a fully-equipped underground mechanic shop ideal for immersive car repair and customization in FiveM.

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Welcome to the FiveM Legion Garage MLO, a meticulously crafted and fully functional mechanic shop designed specifically for FiveM servers. This underground facility offers an expansive space dedicated to car storage, repairs, and customization, making it an essential addition for servers that focus on automotive activities, from racing and repairs to clandestine operations.

FiveM Legion Garage MLO Key Features:

  • Spacious Underground Facility:
      • Large parking area hall equipped with security cameras and detailing equipment.
      • Dedicated mechanic hall with essential and specialized tools for car repairs and customization. 
  • Advanced Equipment and Tools:
      • Over 5 state-of-the-art lifting machines for handling multiple vehicles simultaneously.
      • An extensive collection of tires, catering to various vehicle types and racing modifications. 
  • Immersive Environment:
      • Decorative elements such as posters related to cars, brands, racing, and motivational themes, enriching the garage’s atmosphere. 
  • In-Depth Look at the Garage:

Parking Area Hall: This spacious area is not just for parking; it’s equipped with features to enhance player experience, including security details and high-end detailing equipment.

  • Mechanic Hall: The heart of the garage, featuring a wide array of mechanic tools. Whether it’s engine work, customization, or routine maintenance, this area is equipped to handle it all. 
  • Lifting Machines: With more than five types of lifting machines, including hydraulic and scissor lifts, the garage can efficiently manage a high volume of vehicles. 
  • Tire Selection: 

The garage boasts an impressive selection of tires, indicating its prowess in tire replacements and specialized racing modifications.

  • Decorative Elements: 

The walls adorned with various posters add a touch of personality and style, reflecting the garage’s focus and ethos.


The FiveM Legion Garage MLO is more than just a mechanic shop; it’s a comprehensive solution for automotive needs in the world of FiveM. Its large and well-equipped space, combined with a variety of tools and decorative elements, creates an immersive and functional environment for all players. Whether for parking, repairs, or simply enjoying the underground ambiance, this MLO is a must-have for any FiveM server.


Mechanic Shops FiveM



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