FiveM Gruppe 6 MLO | FiveM Office Building MLO

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Explore the FiveM Gruppe 6 MLO – a detailed, versatile office building near downtown, perfect for immersive law enforcement role-play.

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Welcome to the detailed guide for the FiveM Gruppe 6 MLO, an immersive and meticulously designed office building MLO located in the heart of your virtual city. Designed for FiveM servers, this MLO is a perfect blend of functionality and style, ideal for enhancing the role-play experience in law enforcement scenarios.

FiveM Gruppe 6 MLO Key Features:

  • Prime Location: Situated near the bustling downtown area, this MLO is accessible and central, perfect for quick responses and easy access.
  • Distinctive Exterior: The building stands out with “Gruppe sechs” prominently displayed, establishing a strong and authoritative presence.
  • Versatile Interior Spaces: Catered to different operational needs, including surveillance, staff workstations, executive offices, and meeting areas.

Detailed Breakdown of Interior Spaces:

Desk Room:

  • Surveillance Hub: Equipped with an array of monitors for real-time city watch, highlighting a focus on security and vigilance.

Staff Hall:

  • Individual Workstations: Each desk is furnished with a computer, optimized for information management and administrative tasks.

Boss’s Office:

  • Executive Suite: A sophisticated office with a large TV for presentations, embodying authority and decision-making power.

Officer’s Room:

  • Rejuvenation Area: Changing and bathroom facilities are provided for officers to refresh after patrols, ensuring readiness and comfort.

Meeting Central:

  • Collaboration Space: A room featuring a large table, comfortable chairs, and screens, ideal for strategic discussions and briefings.

The FiveM Gruppe 6 MLO and FiveM Office Building MLO is an essential addition for servers focusing on law enforcement role-play. Its well-thought-out design and detailed features provide a realistic and immersive experience. Enhance your virtual city with this MLO, where functionality meets style.


FiveM Office Building MLO



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