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Explore the secretive FiveM Gun Factory MLO, a hidden underworld of illegal weapon crafting hidden behind a supermarket facade. Dive in now!

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Discover the Thrills of the FiveM Gun Factory MLO: A Hub of Illegal Operations


Embark on an exciting journey into the clandestine world with the FiveM Gun Factory MLO. This expertly crafted modification layer introduces a unique and immersive experience to your FiveM server, located near the graph seed area. Ideal for role-playing scenarios, this MLO presents a supermarket façade that cleverly hides a network of illegal operations.

Key Features:

  1. Exterior – The Supermarket Facade:
    • Location: Nestled near the graph seed, the MLO appears as a typical supermarket, maintaining secrecy.
    • Appearance: At first glance, it looks just like any regular store, preserving the element of surprise.
  2. Supermarket Interior – The Deceptive Beginning:
    • Design: The interior includes a fully-equipped counter, enhancing the illusion of normalcy.
    • Stocked Shelves: Filled with everyday items like food packets and drinks, adding to the realism.
  3. First Storage Room – A Layer of Mystery:
    • Contents: Equipped with files, telephones, and other items, hinting at deeper secrets.
    • Location: Strategically placed, this room serves as both a storage area and a gateway to hidden activities.
  4. Second Storage Room – The Hidden Layer:
    • Deep Storage: Further inside, possibly concealed behind the first room.
    • Inventory: Contains boxes and various items, cleverly disguising the true purpose.
  5. Secret Room – Gateway to the Underground:
    • Concealed Entrance: Ingeniously hidden, this entrance is a puzzle waiting to be solved.
    • Illicit Inventory: Discover weapons, bombs, and large sums of money, all awaiting the bold.
  6. Underground Gun Factory – The Heart of Illegal Crafting:
    • Manufacturing Area: The core of the MLO, equipped with weapon manufacturing machinery.
    • Expansive Arsenal: Filled with gunpowder, war tools, and other essentials for weapon crafting.


The FiveM Gun Factory MLO is a must-have for servers focused on enriching their role-playing experience. It offers a complex and thrilling scenario, merging flawlessly with the game world. With its detailed design and strategic layout, this MLO promises to elevate your gaming experience, ensuring hours of captivating gameplay.

Step into the world of underground operations with the FiveM Gun Factory MLO and transform your server’s potential today!


Fivem Illegal



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