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Explore the FiveM Vagos Mechanic Shop MLO: an underground hub with racing themes, a weed farm, and high-tech security in South Los Santos.

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Welcome to the FiveM Vagos Mechanic Shop: a nexus of hidden automotive mastery. Crafted with precision, this Map Loader Object (MLO) elevates your FiveM server, merging the thrill of illicit mechanic operations with the allure of the underground. Engage in a world where every repair tells a story of secrecy and high-stakes adventure.

FiveM Vagos Mechanic Shop: A Closer Look

Entrance Experience

  • Seamless Access: Walk into a realm where mystery meets mechanic mastery, inviting you into its clandestine fold.

Main Hall Highlights

  • Racing Car Decor: Immerse in decor that celebrates speed, with walls showcasing racing legends.
  • Vagos Authority: The Vagos gang insignia claims the ground, weaving in a tale of power and dark allure.
  • Bustling Workshop Vibes: Surround yourself with the essentials of a mechanic’s life – boxes, chemicals, drums, and colorful paints.

Mechanic Worker Room

  • Craft and Precision: A well-equipped haven for mechanics, featuring tools and car lifts designed for detailed automotive transformations.

Discussion Area

  • Strategic Comfort: A cozy nook furnished with sofas and a table, perfect for plotting or relaxation, complete with office essentials for a smooth operation.

Office Room

  • Operational Hub: Command operations from a boss’s chair, amidst the essential tech and documents.
  • Security First: Stay vigilant with a top-tier camera setup, safeguarding the shop’s thrilling escapades.

Weed Farm Room

  • Hidden Enterprise: Discover a secret weed cultivation zone, brimming with greenery, tools, and the promise of risky ventures.

Unique Fen Feature

  • Secretive Edge: Explore a mysterious marshland, doubling as a hideout or a crucial asset to the shop’s clandestine operations.


The FiveM Vagos Mechanic Shop transcends the ordinary, offering a blend of adrenaline, secrecy, and criminal intrigue. Ideal for server admins aiming to infuse their servers with realism and excitement, this MLO opens doors to a world where every corner holds a secret, every repair a story.


FiveM Mechanic Shop



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