Grapeseed Fire Department MLO



Elevate your FiveM roleplay with the Del Perro Fire Department MLO. Experience unmatched realism in fire response and rescue scenarios. 

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Discover the Grapeseed Fire Department MLO, a transformative addition to your FiveM experience. This meticulously designed modification elevates the realism and functionality of the Grapeseed fire station, offering unparalleled immersion for players. With enhanced architectural details and operational features, it sets a new standard for in-game emergency services facilities.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Facilities: More bays for fire trucks, dedicated equipment rooms, and comprehensive office spaces.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Interactive elements like opening doors, working lights, and operational firefighting tools enhance realism.
  • Roleplay Integration: Fully compatible with firefighting scripts and roleplay enhancements for a truly immersive experience.

Why Choose Our MLO?

Our Grapeseed Fire Department MLO is the pinnacle of FiveM modifications, designed to seamlessly integrate with your server. It enhances roleplay depth, offers functional improvements, and ensures a more realistic firefighting experience. With our MLO, you elevate the standard of emergency services within the game, providing a detailed and immersive environment for players.

  • Realistic Interactions: From hoses to extinguishers, every element is interactive.
  • Seamless Integration: Perfect compatibility with existing mods and scripts.

In conclusion, the Grapeseed Fire Department MLO is an essential upgrade for any FiveM server focused on emergency services roleplay. It not only enhances the visual and functional aspects of the fire station but also enriches the roleplaying experience with its detailed and interactive features. Ensure your server stands out with this state-of-the-art MLO.

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