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Transform your FiveM server with LS Port Warehouse MLO: a versatile, detailed complex for immersive industrial and criminal roleplays.

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Elevate Your FiveM Server with LS Port Warehouse MLO

Discover the unmatched potential of your FiveM server with our LS Port Warehouse MLO. Designed for an immersive industrial roleplay experience or thrilling criminal endeavors, this MLO brings a detailed warehouse complex to life, enhancing your gameplay. Ideal for a variety of uses — from storage and living quarters to workspaces and ship unloading — this setting adapts to numerous scenarios, enriching your roleplay environment.

Key Features:

  • Industrial and Functional Design: Experience a gritty, realistic warehouse setting, perfect for diverse roleplay scenarios.
  • Versatile Spaces: The MLO features areas ranging from storage rooms brimming with goods or contraband to cozy living spaces, each crafted to boost your gameplay.

Warehouse Highlights:

  • Storage Room 1: Filled with crates, drums, buckets, and trolleys, plus hazardous materials and security cameras, blending functionality with danger.
  • Storage Room 2: Additional storage capabilities with enhanced surveillance, ensuring a secure environment.

Specialized Areas:

  • Boss Den: Signify leadership with a space outfitted with essential office equipment and a cluttered, authentic atmosphere, secured by cameras.
  • Ship Unloading Area: Perfect for import/export or smuggling roleplays, featuring a gas tank and a docked ship for dynamic narratives.

Enhance Your Roleplay Experience

Incorporate This MLO into your FiveM server for an unparalleled roleplay journey. Whether for industrial, strategic, or criminal activities, this warehouse complex opens up endless possibilities. Immerse yourself in a rich roleplay world and leverage the full potential of your FiveM server with this essential MLO.



FiveM Warehouse MLO



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