Marabunta Grande House | FiveM Gang House MLO

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Marabunta Grande House in FiveM boasts an outdated kitchen, spacious living room with pool table, meeting room, cozy bedrooms, and a hidden weed farm.

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Marabunta Grande House
Marabunta Grande House | FiveM Gang House MLO
$25.00 Original price was: $25.00.$8.00Current price is: $8.00.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Marabunta Grande with our latest addition to the FiveM MLO houses collection. The Gang House MLO is not just a property; it’s an intricately designed haven that flawlessly blends illicit thrills with homely comforts, making it an ideal headquarters for any gang in the FiveM universe.

Marabunta Grande House Key Features

1. Authentic Kitchen Setup

  • Outdated yet functional design with linoleum flooring and stainless steel appliances.
  • Corner table showcasing a fruit bowl, beer bottles, and an old TV for authenticity.
  • Spanish tunes playing from a radio, adding a cultural touch to the ambiance.

2. Spacious Living Room

  • Large open space equipped with a plush sofa and various chairs for gatherings.
  • Coffee table littered with empty beer bottles and piles of cocaine, depicting a gang’s lifestyle.
  • Entertainment options include a large wall-mounted TV and a centrally placed pool table.

3. Strategic Meeting Room

  • Located upstairs, furnished with a large table and five chairs for planning and strategy discussions.
  • Notice board filled with maps, photos, and notes, crucial for gang activities.
  • Corner stacked with bulky weapon cases, signifying power and preparedness.

4. Comfortable Bedrooms

  • Four individual bedrooms upstairs, each with a single bed and dresser.
  • One bedroom doubles as a gym, equipped with weightlifting gear.
  • Another bedroom features a fully-stocked closet, adding to the detail.

5. Executive Office Space

  • First-floor office includes a large desk and a commanding boss’s chair, perfect for conducting business.
  • Essential items such as a laptop and a cash counting machine are present.
  • Shelves laden with stacks of cash and vital paperwork, illustrating wealth and organization.

6. Underground Weed Farm

  • A dedicated basement room for the cultivation of weed.
  • Hundreds of weed plants thriving under artificial lighting, showing the scale of the operation.
  • Corner table with bags of weed and cocaine highlights the house’s role in the illegal enterprise.


The Marabunta Grande House is more than a mere MLO; it’s a fully-realized world within FiveM. Whether strategizing in the meeting room, relaxing in the living room, or tending to the weed farm, this Gang House MLO is an indispensable addition for anyone looking to enhance their FiveM gameplay. Dive into the world of Marabunta Grande and make your mark in the FiveM universe today!


FiveM Gang House MLO



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