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Delve into the FiveM Creepy House, Flickering lights, eerie silence, and spooky cobwebs. uncover hidden secrets, and many more features.

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Welcome to the FiveM Creepy House, located in the shadowy Vinewood Hills of Los Santos. This MLO is perfect for thrill-seekers who love exploring haunted locations. It’s a masterpiece of chilling design, ready to be unveiled on your FiveM server.

FiveM Creepy House Key Features:

  1. A Spine-Chilling Atmosphere:
    • Flickering Lights & Cobwebs: Step into an unsettling environment. Experience flickering lights that cast eerie shadows and cobwebs that enhance the spooky ambiance.
    • Eerily Quiet: The silence of the house is broken by strange, unsettling noises. They create a sense of anticipation and dread.
  2. Explore Multiple Floors & Rooms:
    • Unique Charm: Each room in this multi-floored house has its creepy appeal. From the dust-laden living room to the mysterious basement, every corner tells a tale.
    • Detailed Interiors: Discover bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen, each meticulously designed. They narrate stories of neglect and mystery.
  3. Uncover Hidden Secrets:
    • Mystery and Intrigue: As you explore, uncover hidden secrets throughout the house. Each secret adds to the overall enigma of the Creepy House.
  4. Interactive Elements:
    • Engage with Your Environment: Interact with various elements in the house. Open and close doors, move objects, and experience scripted events. These interactions add depth to your adventure.

Experience the Thrill of the Unknown The FiveM Creepy House is more than a map. It’s an adventure into the unknown. It’s a journey through a house that whispers secrets from the past. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of horror to your server or seeking a new exploration experience, this MLO is an essential addition.


Vinewood House FiveM



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