FiveM City Hall MLO

Explore the FiveM City hall MLO

Step into the FiveM City hall MLO, an awe-inspiring structure in the heart of Los Santos and Blaine County. This masterpiece draws inspiration from real-world city halls and becomes a bustling center for political and legal activities.

A Grand Entrance                                                                  FiveM Cityhall MLO

As you enter, the Cityhall’s impressive design and detail immediately catch your eye. It radiates authority and realism, offering an ideal backdrop for governance and legal role-plays.

Inside Look

  • Second Floor – Judiciary Offices: Experience the realism of legal proceedings. The design mimics actual courtrooms, complete with realistic layouts and legal items. It’s a true-to-life space for legal professionals and role-play enthusiasts.
  • Third Floor – Political Powerhouses: The offices of the mayors of Los Santos and Blaine County, along with the prosecutor’s office and legal chambers, await. These spaces exude power and prestige, decorated to impress the game’s most influential characters.
  • Fourth Floor – Decision Central: The top floor houses the offices of the governor and vice governor, alongside a state-of-the-art meeting room. It’s the heart of political and legal decision-making, equipped for serious discussions.
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